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         Douglas C-133
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is the self adhesive aluminum covering system designed to give your scale model the authentic natural aluminum appearance of a full size aircraft.
is applied to the surface of sheeted and fiber glassed fuselages, wings, gear struts, weapon systems, and anything made of aluminum or titanium on a full size aircraft.
empowers scale modelers to demonstrate their attention to detail as has never before been possible with an "off the shelf" product.
puts "craft" back into craftsmanship. You can attain stunning, realistic results with greater ease and speed than is required with traditional covering and finishing processes. Surface prep is the same as if you were to paint a scale model but with results only possible with "The 100% accurate scale covering system".
first timers report easier to apply than iron-on plastic films, with the big bonus of using the real thing... aluminum!!!         How To Apply Flite-Metal     
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