How To Finish
Metallic Finishing Systems for Flying Scale Models

can be finished to match the required appearance of any full size aircraft. Whether
its a shiny surface, polished to a high luster, or needs to resemble a different type of metal, finishing
. is simple and is accomplished quickly. Click button:     

               Proper Finishing Of Flite-Metal Surface Before Application To Models:Finishing Flite-Metal

Painting entire aircraft after covering with
has become popular. This creates realistic appearance with paint is chipped and worn/abraded from leading edges, panel intersects, access hatche, and worn rivets.

For example:
1). Stainless steel plates surrounding the exhaust stacks on the P-51.
Click "here". 
2). Replicating machined swirl patterns from early age aircraft. Click "here".
3). Covering corrugated flight control surfaces and aircraft skins. Click "here".
4). Surface details... Click "here". 
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