weblogo & 2.4 Spread Spectrum

The diversity antenna and coax were each placed in recommended 45 degrees to the vertical; with the antenna pair 90 degrees to the fuselage length. Antenna and coax were held firmly in place to assure position did not change during test.

After the initial test of the Futaba
system it became apparent receiver & antenna placement was of little concern because evaluation results were the same as when the system sat outside of plane on a board. Please re-read that sentence again before continuing.

The results were the same, whether each system was sealed up within the fuselage, or sitting on the flat test bed not in any airplane.

While it was not our intention to provide technical "proof" but to simply record results of evaluating 2.4 antenna(s) inside, with 2.4 antenna(s) exposed to the exterior of the fuselage, and the 2.4 system sitting outside by itself, we were so pleased with a lack of difference that evaluation data was left virtually without need of a comparison between the three brands and technologies.

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