weblogo & 2.4 Spread Spectrum

Evaluation team was composed of three, two were with the transmitter and one stood with the plane at all times to observe deterioration or failure of system to smoothly and consistently control elevator and rudder.

6EX, Spektrum DX7, and an Xtreme module system were evaluated. It was our intention to observe performance difference between systems mounted within Tu-4 and the system standing alone outside an airframe.


Walk away comparisons were conducted to a distance of up to 800+ feet without "any" change in spread spectrum system performance. That is to say no change in system performance whether a system configuration was (1), (2), or (3) with the systems set to normal flight power mode.

Test Particulars:

The fuselage sat upside down on its transport cradle elevated approximately three feet above the ground. Flite-Metal was placed over the wing saddle and all holes in fuselage so a signal would not have entry to the receiver except passing through Flite-Metal covered fiber glass fuselage.


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