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Houston, Is There A Problem?

An F-100 was flown on a Spektrum© DX7 system at Top Gun 2007. Prior to Top Gun the plane flew 10 flights and range tested to the satisfaction of the owner/builder and pilot team of Paul Bagman and Mark Taylor, prior to competing at Top Gun.


Taylor07.jpg http://004edc4.netsolhost.com/FliteMetalimages/2007-05-23_203306_PBTopGun07sml_small.jpg
As for a formal Futaba©, Xtreme©, and Spektrum© evaluation, it was conducted Friday May 18th 2007 by Larry Boulet, George Maiorana, and Willie Mc Math with the Flite-Metal covered fuselage of George Maiorana's Top Gun winning TU4. The fuselage wing saddle was completely covered with Flite-Metal aluminum as were all holes in the fuselage. The fuselage was tested with its side facing transmitter, and sitting at 45 degrees left and right to the transmitter. (Results were recorded from these 3 receiver/antenna mounting positions. Cover removed to permit viewing)

(1). Completely within fuselage with no
 antenna(s) to outside of the fuselage.

(2). Antenna outside the fuselage per
 manufacturer's placement directions.

(3). Entire spread spectrum system sitting
on a flat test bed, not in a plane.
In this manner we would be able to see if Flite-Metal fuselage had “any effect” on r/f performance. Elevator and rudder were driven by the spread spectrum system. When tested outside airframe foam block was mounted on servo with a long arm so it could wig wag to indicate if control was effected by distance.


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