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Ziroli Designs

Part No.


AD-1 Skyraider 150 Mains $440.00
AD-1 Skyraider 160WC Tail wheel $124.75
AT-6 Texan 1/5th  161 Mains 1/5th Scale $363.00
AT-6 Texan Tail 160AT-6 Fixed Steerable $103.99
B-25 101"Mitchell B25 Tri Gear Set $539.80
B-25 118"Mitchell B25 Tri Gear Set $618.80
DC-3/C-47 Mains 162 Mains $566.80
DC-3/C-47 T-wheel 657 Tail wheel $65.50
D18 Beech D-18 Mains $358.80
D18 Beech T-wheel 160WC T- wheel $124.75
F4U Corsair 150 Mains $400.40
F4U Corsair Ziroli 150Z  $400.40
F4U 8" strut 150HD8 for 6" wheels $460.00

F-4U Tail wheel

160WC Tail wheel $124.75
Ju-87B Stuka Main ZStuka $161.20
Ju-87B Tail Strut 657 $62.50
Zero 154  $239.20
Ziroli Designs Aircraft or Part No. Price
F6F Hellcat Mains 150ZF6F Mains $426.40
F6F Hellcat T-wheel 160WC Tail wheel $124.75
F8F Bearcat 145-6 Mains $410.80
F8F Bearcat Tailwheel 160WC Tail wheel $124.75
F9F Panther F9F Tri Gear Set $400.40
P-38 Lightning P-38 Tri Gear Set $655.00
P-40 Warhawk Mains 150HD8 Mains $425.00
P-40 T-wheel 160WC Tail wheel $124.75
P-47 Thunderbolt 72 633-ZP47 $270.40
P-47 Thunderbolt 92 Ziroli P-47 $384.80
P-51 Mustang Mains 145-6 Mains $410.80
P-51 Mustang T-wheel 160LWC Tail wheel $124.75
P-61 Black Widow P-61 Tri Gear Set $634.40
PT17 87" Stearman PT17Z87 $239.20
PT17 77" Stearman PT17Z77 $156.00
Stagger Wing Beech ZStag $850.00
Stagger Wing Beech 160 Tail Strut $93.55
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