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FK-5 Deluxe Finishing Kit: Qty: 

$164.99 ea./ **$139.99 ea.
*Covers typical 1/5 scale warbirds.
Includes application & finishing tools.

FK-6090 Deluxe Finishing Kit: Qty:  

 $80.99 ea./ **$69.99 ea.
*Covers typical .60 to .90 size models.
Includes application & finishing tools.

FM-5 Aluminum Roll Qty:  

$154.99 ea./ **$129.99 ea.
*Covers typical 1/5th scale warbirds.
Same as the
FK5, without tools.

FM-6090 Aluminum RollQty:  

$69.99 ea./ **$57.99 ea.
*Covers typical .60 to .90 size models.
Same as
FK6090, without tools.

Application Tools:  Qty:  

 $13.99 per set.
 Additional tools sold to existing customers.

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FK-3040 Deluxe Finishing Kit: Qty:   

$46.99 ea./ **$36.99 ea.
*Covers typical .30 to .40 size models.
Includes application & finishing tools.

FK-1210 Deluxe Finishing Kit: Qty:  

$51.99 ea./ **$46.99 ea.
*12"x10' (10sq.ft.) .0018" thick alloy  
application & finishing tools.

FMC Cleaning Kit: Qty:  Click To See

 $7.00 ea.
*4"x 6" (2) Vanilla scented cleaning/polishing
    cloth with tarnish retarding formula

FM-125 Aluminum Roll Qty:  

$21.99 ea./ **$18.99 ea.
*12"x 5' (5sq.ft) .0018" thick alloy
application or finishing tools included.

FM-1210 Aluminum Roll Qty:  

 $39.99 ea./ **$32.99 ea.
*12"x10(10sq.ft) .0018" thick alloy
 No application or finishing tools included.

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July 12 ~ Until Its Cooler
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